Leaving on a jet plane!

Today is my last day, in fact I am writing this during my last hour. Here is my letter to India:



Thank you thank you thank you for everything you have given me. Truly your gifts have affected my mind, body and most importantly my heart. I have learned so much in such a short period of time and every moment was a brand new experience that I had never had before. The people, temples, forts, food, cities, and the yoga have changed me forever. I would hands down say my favorite part was getting engaged at the Taj Mahal. WOW what an unexpected surprise. Other great days included zip lining in Jodphur, spice shopping and buying everything in the store, fireworks over the lake palace in Udaipur, and canyoning in Goa! Brett and I had quite an adventure. We covered everything we wanted to do plus more. I have no regrets and I can’t wait to see where my next adventures will take me both locally in NYC and abroad. Again Thank you India!!





I am a graduate!

I am sitting here on the beach eating breakfast. I just finished yoga on the beach and am starving. Luckily I have Internet here so I can give you guys an update.

So on Sunday I graduated from yoga school! We had a fire ceremony to close our training and got our certificates. Super fancy. Today is Tuesday and I leave here Thursday night to head back to NYC life. It seems like things are going to start off crazy as usual but I am thankful. I land at 345 Friday afternoon and have an interview that night for a teaching position! Then I go to work at 7am then another interview at 1. So maybe things are going to work out after all. I have been nervous all week and have been frantically sending out resumes. My hard work so far has paid off. Now. Just need to book these jobs and I will feel a lot better about my new NYC life.

I miss everyone like crazy. I love India more than I know but I am excited to get back to life and see my family, Brett and begin planning this wedding. Whew I am going to be a very busy girl. Yeay!

Here a few pics of me and my yoga and other random moments














I am at the bottom of the pyramid!

So I have 10 days to go here and I couldn’t be more excited to get back home. Don’t get me wrong I am having an amazing time. But I can hear real life knocking on the door and I am anxious to get started with my new life. I am engaged, a new yoga teacher, and have officially trying to stay away from the restaurant business. Those are major changes for my life!!!!

Right now I am working on my resume so that I can start sending it out for possible job opportunities. 

Also, I am the bottom of the pyramid for all of the partner yoga postures which I think is funny. The other girls in my class are 100lbs or less so whenever they need somebody strong or big they use me! Huh some things never change. Once a work horse always a work horse.HAHA  I would like to thank my dad for making me move all of the heavy furniture when I was younger. Without that I would not be who I am today! The positive side to this is that my upper body strength is growing exponentially I can do headstands and balancing postures in no time! WOO HOO. 

I have some pics that I am posting in a few minutes so you guys can see what I have been up to. Tomorrow is a festival called Holi where people throw paint on each other and there is a big burn on the beach. Sounds a lot like burning man to me!! YIPPIE! I think evening class is cancelled tomorrow and we are going to go. Super excited to see this. I will def post pictures of that craziness. 

Well Goodnight Everyone! 

See ya soon!!!!!!


So I am halfway through my training now and I taught my first class a few days ago! Wow that felt awesome. I can’t believe how smooth it went. Granted I was a little stiff because I didn’t want to make any mistakes but I taught my entire standing series of postures and even taught my fellow classmates something! Teaching is something I have total confidence in doing. I am able to teach other people something that I love and truly believe in. I am very lucky to be able to do this. Right now I am having so much fun learning new poses that I hope when I am back in NYC I can find somebody who will take a chance on a new teacher! Fingers crossed!


So when I am done here on the 11th and am looking for a place to hang in India for a few days, my flight doesn’t leave for NYC until the 16th so I have time to burn. Maybe Hampi or Kerala. Maybe just stay in Goa! Who can tell, just taking it one day at a time here and seeing what happens next.










More Yoga School and the Beach

Good Morning I am sitting in an internet cafe Skyping to Kari for her birthday! Today started with yoga on the beach at 630 this morning. It was really nice because I could hear the waves crashing and then could see the dolphins jumping out of the water. How magical! I have gotten so tan and I need to stay out of the sun so I am going to be a little bored this week. 

Everything is going great here in India. I did hurt myself this week doing a posture but I am doing ok and my neck is healing. I wasn’t strong enough to hold the pose so I put too much pressure on my neck and pinched something. OUCH! But good news on the yoga front. I planned my first class! How monumental! 

I am keeping busy with both class and reading, just trying to soak up the yoga life before I head back to NYC in 3 weeks.

See ya later